Audrey Take Your Camera




Picture yourself stumbling across a special camera that brings to life the object you photograph. What if these vegan printed shoes were to take pictures while traveling with you? Where would you go?  What would it take pictures of? And what would you learn along the way?

Audrey and the Extraordinary Camera is a children’s book written by Leanne Gelish. Audrey Terralucci is an ordinary eight year old girl. Like many eight year olds, Audrey spends her days at school, soccer practice and at home. All of her days are the same, until one day, something extraordinary happens. Audrey’s tale is an imaginative journey set in New York City. From the Central Park Zoo, to exploring museums, Audrey and her new best friend, Kody learn so much; but, the most important lesson is one that cannot be bought.


It mixes in just enough fantasy to allow for the extraordinary events to develop, though the story itself is grounded in realism. Audrey deals with her mom, kids at school, and some important life lessons along the way. Audrey stumbles upon a camera that has magical powers. When she pushes the silver button items around her come to life. Through the viewfinder of this magical camera, Audrey embarks on an adventure to remember. 

Women's Shoe Sizes
36 6
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38 8
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40 10
41 11

Men's Shoe Sizes
41 8
42 9
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45 12

Kids' Shoe Sizes
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